Californians Voice Opposition To ‘Green’ Silicon Valley-Backed City Project

Hundreds of Californians recently interrupted a council city meeting to protest a leftist billionaire group’s effort to establish a 53,000-acre “green” city near San Francisco.

The group, called California Forever, recently unveiled its plans to create a “green,” so-called “climate-friendly” city about 60 miles northeast of San Francisco, as reported by the Daily Mail.

California Forever’s project is backed by the tech giants in Silicon Valley but is currently facing some blowback from 200 Californians, who voiced their opposition during a Solando County Water Authority Meeting about the group’s proposal, per the Daily Mail.

The group called its proposal a “free lunch” for the community.

A spokesperson for California Forever and its subsidiary, Flannery Associates, Brain Brokaw, deemed those opposing the group’s proposal a “small but vocal minority.”

“There is an organized and vocal opposition, but we believe that that is a small but vocal minority,” Brokaw told The Daily Beast. “We have learned both from our prior polling, our more recent survey, and our community engagement that many people are either supportive or undecided but have a very open mind.”

“Because of all the secrecy and intrigue around the project over the last number of years, people are going to be skeptical and suspicious,” he added. “But the more they learn what it is and what it is not, people tend to be open-minded if not outright supportive.”

Although individuals like Brokaw supported California Forever’s proposal, some didn’t.

Biology professor Jim Deklowe called the proposal an “oligarch city” that, if passed, would harm local marshes.

The professor said that California Forever’s project is an “undermining of the democratic process” and a complete waste of “40 years of planning.”

A California resident, Jeanne McCormack, defiantly opposed the group’s plan, saying that the area where the proposal is set to take place is on land that her family has occupied for over a century.

“We’re not leaving and we’re not going to cooperate,” McCormack said. “And I will die trying to stop this thing from happening.”

The meeting was eventually stopped because of the fiery protests by the Californians.

Fairfield Mayor Catherine Moy bluntly summed up the meeting, saying, “That meeting did not go well for Flannery.”