CDC Director Contracts COVID After Receiving Newest Booster

In the same week that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added the vaccine to its recommended childhood shot schedule, Director Rochelle Walensky tested positive for COVID-19.

Dr. Walensky is just one month removed from receiving the updated bivalent COVID-19 booster shot the Biden administration is currently hyperventilating about.

The agency announced Saturday that the director is “experiencing mild symptoms” and “isolating at home.” The timing for Democrats and the CDC could hardly be worse.

The White House is sounding ominous warnings about a hard COVID-19 winter coming, though CDC data shows there has not been a noticeable rise in cases, hospitalizations, or deaths.

The newest vaccine, which is still undergoing human trials, was engineered to offer protection against variants BA.4 and BA.5. This is in addition to being touted as a shield against the original coronavirus strains.

Developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, experts say that early results in human trials are promising. They admit, however, that details of how the newest jabs protect from infection, transmission, and hospitalizations are unknown.

A CDC advisory committee just days before Dr. Walensky’s positive test voted 15-0 to put the COVID-19 vaccines on children’s immunization schedules.

And while the agency declared that in no way are the vaccines now a requirement, it is now up to states to decide whether children will be admitted to public schools without them.

Further, experts say that getting accurate data this winter will be harder than in the past due to the CDC moving to weekly reporting for cases and deaths attributed to COVID-19. Most states have either halted or backed down from their coronavirus testing reports.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden rolled up his sleeve and received the updated vaccine on Tuesday. He took the opportunity to call for more Americans to receive the new shots, which are lagging in acceptance from the public.

The Democrat described the booster as “incredibly effective” but worried that not enough people are getting it. He said that number needs to change to have “a safe and healthy holiday season.”