China Updates Response To Israel Following US Senator’s Remarks

China has reworked its statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict following harsh remarks from US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

On Sunday, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement addressing Israel. Instead of expressing support, China asked “relevant parties to remain calm, exercise restraint, and immediately end the hostilities to protect civilians and avoid further deterioration of the situation.”

On the surface, it sounds neutral and even professional. But Schumer was expecting more from China and implied such during a meeting with President Xi.

Schumer conveyed his disappointment noting, “The ongoing events in Israel over the past few days are horrific.” He urged President Xi and his constituents to stand in support of Israel, calling on him to “condemn these cowardly and vicious attacks.”

China soon released a new statement which read, “China condemns all violence and attacks against civilians.”

Sen. Schumer was quick to clarify China’s update, sharing on X — the platform formerly known as Twitter — that he “raised with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yo the Hamas atrocities against Israel and the need for the world to stand together against terrorism and with the Israeli people. I pointedly asked them to strengthen their statement. They did.”

In light of the turmoil in the Middle East this week, the US is looking to its allies to come together. Meanwhile, the American public is wondering what that would mean for the average civilian.

China spokesperson Mao Ning told reporters on Monday that China is “deeply saddened by the civilian casualties and opposes and condemns acts that harm civilians.” He also shared that China’s position on Israel will remain consistent.

Does his statement imply China will not tolerate a response from Israel, especially that which it has planned — to cut resources from the Gaza Strip where some 2 million people reside?

Ning further conveyed, “We oppose moves that escalate the conflict and destabilize the region and hope fighting will stop and peace will return soon.”

China has not labeled Hamas as a terrorist group — an action the US took in 1997. While all reports point to China keeping its distance from this war, the potential for the US to be pulled into it looms.