Chinese Journalist Urges Direct US Military Involvement in Ukraine

In the aftermath of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s emotional address to Congress Wednesday, Hu Xijin of the Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times called on the U.S. to put planes in the air and boots on the ground in Ukraine’s battle against Russian invaders.

On Twitter, Hu accused lawmakers who gave Zelenskyy multiple standing ovations of being “hypocritical” and said they should instead “send troops to Ukraine,” “set up a no-fly zone” and “fight Putin’s troops directly.” Hu then implored the U.S. to not “just incite Ukrainians to die for American interest.”

There are so many holes in Hu’s assertions it’s difficult to decide which one to blow through first. But let’s start with the easiest.

There is not a single person defending Ukraine from Putin’s invaders motivated by “American interests.” No one is huddled in a bomb shelter or standing against overwhelmingly superior military might for the glory of the USA. Lawmakers rightly and appropriately stood in applause for a man who daily sets the blueprint for leaders resisting authoritarian aggressions.

Also, there is only one clear winner if a no-fly zone is implemented and direct military conflict ensues between the U.S. and Russia, and that is China. What more could Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party wish for than to have the U.S. locked in a bitter struggle with Russia? Even the legal obligation to aid Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack, which is hardly rock-solid, means little if the U.S. is facing a hot war with a nuclear Kremlin.

And “fight Putin’s troops directly?” Just as it is best for Little Red Riding Hood to ignore the wolf’s advice, anything the Chinese state media urges the U.S. to do is certainly the opposite of its best interests.

It is no secret that China wants to assert its hegemony in the Indo-Pacific, and if the U.S. were to become entangled in fighting Russia’s eastern European ambitions, the door is wide open for Beijing’s expansionists to do exactly that.

And in the most glaring example of naked aggression in the Western world in decades, China still refuses to acknowledge that Russia’s offensive which has killed untold numbers of civilians is even an “invasion.” Perhaps that is with an eye to their own plans to reunite their own “breakaway province” with the mainland.

Either way, advice from the mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party is best recognized for what it is–a warning of the road the enemy wants you to take. Thus a road best avoided.