Christina Pushaw Steps Down As Press Secretary For Ron DeSantis To Join Reelection Campaign

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw has stepped down from her state position to take on a role in the governor’s reelection campaign.

The outspoken advocate for DeSantis and his policy positions was restricted by election laws from endorsing the governor for reelection while working as a government employee. As a private employee of the DeSantis campaign, she is now free from those prohibitions.

In a tweet she posted Friday, Pushaw attached a copy of her resignation letter and a warning to her opponents: “Now, the gloves are off.”

Pushaw has attained national notoriety during her time as the governor’s press secretary. She regularly engaged reporters on Twitter and posted screenshots of emails and text conversations with journalists to expose bias and unethical practices.

Her new position will be director of rapid response on the reelection campaign team.

In her resignation letter which she knew would receive extensive media attention, she listed several of the major accomplishments of the DeSantis administration in Florida. She detailed the governor’s resistance to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, work to keep schools open, and financial success at running a record surplus in the 2021 budget year.

She described the “chance to play even a small part” in making Florida the “freest state in these United States” has been the “opportunity of a lifetime.”

She recently told the Daily Caller that the reason the media has so much interest in her is a byproduct of their fixation on Gov. DeSantis. She added that she made an effort to mirror his approach of largely ignoring opponents in the media.

She responded to a lengthy article the Washington Post published last month analyzing her tweets by criticizing their decision to “devote months of effort to writing a profile about a staffer in Tallahassee” while the world faces runaway inflation, European war, a global energy crisis, and rampant drug trafficking.

She described the article as “DeSantis for Clicks” and observed that it is “no wonder media credibility has fallen to an all-time low.”

Pushaw said that she enjoys the power of using her presence on Twitter to “cut past the spin and communicate with people directly.”