Cities Run By Democrats Are On The Verge Of Collapsing

Every day, the danger of Democrat-run states and leftist policies continues to present themselves. Right now, communities run by Democrats are facing a combination of medical tyranny, rising crime, and burdensome taxes.

Many Americans who are in the position to get out of these disaster-ridden communities are doing so for their sake and the sake of their families. Nevertheless, as one catastrophe after the other continues to strike, leaders don’t seem to be learning any lessons.

Democrat mayors don’t seem to assess their situations and understand their policies threaten the community’s overall safety. As American Thinker points out, Democrat-run cities appear to compete to see which one can fall off the cliff first.

San Francisco is one example of a city failing big time due to poor leadership. While Democrat Mayor London Breed goes clubbing, the city’s stores are repeatedly hit by violent, looting shoplifters.

Store workers, security guards, and others who come across these shoplifters are often physically attacked and later forced to seek medical care. Thus far, Mayor Breed’s only solution to the problem has been to reduce the number of vehicles able to get into Union Square.

On the other hand, Chicago seems like it’s trying to fall to an even worse position than San Francisco. Chicago, a city significantly smaller than San Francisco, is seeing a much higher rate of homicides: 1,000 annually in Cook County, Chicago vs. 41 annually in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, the state of Illinois is looking to “reform” bail so that individuals waiting to head to trial can walk the street willy nilly. Democrats in Illinois don’t see how this could play a role in the homicide rates or other crimes.

As leftist leaders reject law and order, a cesspool of crime is the ultimate result. Democrats continue to work against law and order; yet, they’re not showing any concern for the innocent Americans who criminals in the community brutalize.

Coddling criminals puts everyone at risk, no matter how much Democrats think it’s politically correct to defund the police or slash cash bash. The left has long claimed that being tough on crime is not the way to go. However, Democrats don’t appear willing to look at how their policies are putting everyone at risk and encouraging the rise of lawlessness.

At this rate, anyone with the ability to do so should get out of heavily leftist cities while they still can.