City Council Fires Commissioners For Flying LGBT Flag

An all-Muslim city council in Hamtramck, Michigan, recently fired two human relations commissioners after they flew the LGBT flag on public property, violating a recent law banning such laws.

In June 2023, Breitbart News reported that the city council “voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a resolution that would ban the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag from being flown on the city’s public property.”

The law did not discriminate against LGBT members, with Hasan and the city council saying that such individuals are welcome in Hamtramck.

“Hassan and other members of the council said the LGBTQ+ community and others are welcome in Hamtramck but that they need to respect religious freedom,” Breitbart News reported.

“Some proponents of the resolution said the Pride flag clashes with their faith. Several speakers from Dearborn who were leaders in protests last year against LGBTQ books spoke at the Hamtramck meeting, saying American soldiers sacrificed for the U.S. flag, not the Pride flag,” Breitbart News added.

Less than a month after the law was in place, Hamtramck Relations Commission members Russ Gordon, and Cathy Stackpoole, were removed from their respective positions after they flew the LGBT flag on a public sidewalk for hours, according to The Detroit News.

“Two members of a Hamtramck human rights commission were removed Tuesday from the panel after they raised an LGBTQ+ flag during a rally Sunday in violation of a city flag resolution,” The Detroit News reported.

“The city confirmed police were investigating the protest Sunday, where Russ Gordon, chair of the Human Relations Commission, and Catrina Stackpoole, a member, raised the pride flag on a city flagpole along Jos. Campau near Neibel Street,” the outlet added.

“The flag was taken down about two hours later by an unidentified person, Stackpoole said,” The Detroit News reported of the former city council member’s remarks.

Gordon and Stackpoole were removed from the city council by a unanimous decision. City Manager Max Garbarino recently confirmed that the removal resulted from their actions.

“The council passed a resolution on Tuesday night removing them for violating the previous flag resolution. The police department is investigating if any criminal laws were actually broken,” Garbarino told The Detroit News.

The fight against gender or LGBT ideology being taught in schools has been one where Muslims and Christians are united in various states.