Clyburn Hints At Biden Action On “Voting”

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) appeared on CBS News on Thursday and hinted that President Biden would be “doing some things on voting that may surprise some people. And a few other things.” Though extremely unclear, as is Clyburn’s method of communication, the inference to be remembered here is that “the president” — not Congress — is expected to “do something” on voting.

As a member of a party that spent years falsely complaining about unfair elections, it is certainly counterintuitive that Biden, who is currently struggling with historically low polling numbers, would interfere with elections on an executive level without the Congress weighing in.

One can only imagine what would happen if, during the Trump administration, a high-raking House member had hinted at the former president using executive authority to alter the election process. Not to mention that, in reality, that’s exactly what the Democrats did during the 2020 general election, as numerous lawsuits and inquiries are proving more and more as time goes on.

And here we are, on the eve of midterm elections that all polls indicate the Republican party will dominate by no small margin, and Democratic leadership is hinting that the president is going to be “doing” something about voting.

It is this kind of tyrannical attitude that is ubiquitous among those on the left that has so many questioning the democratic institutions that once were held in high regard by conservatives. From the intelligence community blatantly lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop to refusal to answer legitimate questions regarding mail-in ballots and their effects on the credibility of elections, it is clear that there are many within our government willing to overstep the rule of law and the traditions of our republic to gain, maintain and misuse the power gained through access to the United States federal government.

Clyburn also seemed certain that the president’s numbers would be going up. It is hard to imagine how he can be so sure about this in an economy with so many issues simply getting goods to market; inflation that seems to have no end in sight; skyrocketing energy prices that are the direct result of Biden’s policies, not of some conflict on the other side of the globe; and an increasingly belligerent and heavy-handed approach to a nuclear-weapon state capable of inflicting millions of casualties on the American people if backed into a corner. Perhaps he knows something about the “polls” that we don’t — or, rather, maybe he knows something about the polls that conservatives do know.

While there is a lot to speculate about here, speculation is not necessary to see the tyrannical aims of these Democrats to maintain power, no matter what they have to do to keep it.