CNN Analyst Panics Over Biden’s Poll Numbers: ‘Never Seen Numbers This Bad’

CNN data analyst Harry Enten expressed alarm on air regarding the latest poll numbers for President Joe Biden following last week’s debate. Enten highlighted the unprecedented decline in voter confidence, particularly concerning Biden’s mental fitness to serve another term.

The post-debate polling conducted by CBS News and YouGov revealed a significant drop in voters’ perception of Biden’s mental health. Pre-debate, 35% of voters believed Biden had the mental health to be president, but this number plummeted to 27% after the debate. Additionally, only 28% of voters now think Biden should be running for president, down from 37% before the debate.

“I have never seen numbers this bad for an incumbent president during my lifetime,” Enten stated. He emphasized that while concerns about Biden’s age and mental health were present in 2020, the current figures are dramatically worse.

When asked if there is polling suggesting voters want a different candidate, Enten confirmed the Democratic Party’s dilemma. He noted that potential alternatives like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris all trail behind former President Donald Trump in hypothetical matchups. “The idea here that we’re somehow going to get this magic bullet, that there’s somehow going to be some Democrat who can beat Donald Trump easily, I just don’t see it in the numbers,” Enten added.

The polling data has exacerbated the Democrats’ concerns, with some members urging Biden to drop out of the race. The party is grappling with the challenge of finding a viable candidate who can outperform Trump in the upcoming election.