CNN Only Now Recognizes What ‘We’ve All Known’ For Months

CNN is not doing so well right now.

Since President Trump left the White House, the network’s viewership ratings have tanked dramatically. On top of this, CNN is under fire as multiple employees have been caught in wrongdoing and are even facing criminal charges for some pretty heinous offenses.

It has left sane people understandably asking themselves what’s wrong with the network and when they’re finally going to get it together. At this point, the answer to that is anyone’s guess. However, CNN has more problems.

Since the inception of Biden’s presidency, the left-wing news network has made a concerted effort to be his cheerleader. However, lately, this has been getting harder and harder amid the disastrous consequences stemming from Biden’s policies, along with his terrible approval ratings.

Now, as confirmed by Newsmax, CNN is finally starting to catch onto what the rest of Americans have been very well aware of for quite some time now.

In a recent ABC News interview, Biden put his foot in his mouth on several occasions. He mixed up antiviral pills with at-home coronavirus tests and otherwise humiliated himself on several occasions.

Many Americans understandably cringed at this, raising additional questions about Biden’s mental wellbeing and cognitive functions. Upon observing the interview, CNN stated that the 46th president appeared to be confused and unsure of some things during this interview.

What’s most interesting about this claim from CNN is that Biden’s interview with ABC News is far from an outlier. Yet, somehow, CNN is just now catching onto the fact that Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time.

After making a note of Biden’s apparent confusion, CNN then went on to claim that Biden’s mixup of antiviral pills with at-home coronavirus tests was a “stand out.”

CNN’s seeming surprise at the confusion Biden demonstrated while speaking with ABC News is a prime example of what’s wrong with biased media.

When networks like CNN are more focused on promoting their opinions than reporting facts, it blinds them to the truth. The reality of the situation is that Biden’s been doing such a terrible job as president that it’s making even his strongest allies and greatest defenders do a double-take.

CNN will undoubtedly continue to be a propaganda channel for the Democrat Party. However, even a broken clock is right twice per day.