CNN Presses Biden Administration About Baby Formula Shortage

Despite recent and impending baby formula shipments coming to the United States, the nation’s shortage of this supply still remains. Abbott Nutrition, the leading US baby formula supplier, will not have its products fully back on shelves until late July, according to the FDA.

In the meantime, parents remain in a bind; the same goes for their infants who are sometimes having to be rushed to emergency rooms, owing to formula shortages.

As more information comes out, Americans have learned the government was aware back in February of the shortages in baby formula that would take place. Yet, the president only waited until recently to employ the Defense Production Act.

The situation has become so precarious that even CNN (of all outlets) is holding the Biden administration to task.

CNN vs. the White House
On Wednesday, the Biden administration’s National Economic Council director sat down for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Yet, when Brian Deese spoke with CNN, he didn’t get cushy, softball questions.

Instead, Tapper asked Deese why the White House waited until April to inform the president about the baby formula shortage. The CNN host pointed out that reports of a forthcoming baby formula shortage were made available to the federal government back in Fall 2021.

The National Economic Council director did not provide a clear answer. Instead, Deese responded by telling CNN about the closure of Abbott Nutrition’s plant back in February.

After stating what most Americans are very much aware of, Deese went on to say Biden invoked the Defense Production Act after learning substantial time would pass before Abbott Nutrition’s plant could reopen.

During this time, the White House aide did not explain why Biden wasn’t informed about the baby formula shortage until only several weeks ago. However, Deese did tell Tapper that Biden acted during moments that were “appropriate” and “right.”

Parents who have infants in hospitals because of baby formula deficiencies may have a different view of Biden’s actions on this issue.

Additional Biden Criticism From CNN
As the president’s time in office drags out, CNN has gradually lessened its defense of him. In the wake of baby formula shortages and other issues facing the nation, CNN started to echo the views of Biden’s critics.

Days ago, the network argued the current president has been “flat-footed” on not just baby formula shortages, but also on inflation and the horrible withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.