CNN Reporter Stunned By Illegal Immigration In Texas

As the border crisis continues escalating, CNN reporter Rosa Flores recently expressed shock at the magnitude of illegal immigrants in El Paso, Texas. With Title 42 set to expire on May 11, the city is bracing for an even more significant influx of migrants, with officials estimating up to 13,000 people crossing the border daily.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the end of Title 42, a pandemic-era rule that allowed agents to turn migrants away at the border. In preparation, the Biden administration is deploying troops to assist with administrative duties at the border. Yet, despite the troubling situation, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre falsely claimed that illegal immigration has decreased “by more than 90%.”

In response to the ongoing crisis, House Republicans introduced the Secure the Border Act (H.R. 2), which aims to strengthen border security and enforce immigration laws. The legislation includes measures to restart border wall construction, increase the number of Border Patrol agents, and limit the use of the controversial CBP One application. It also addresses the struggle to retain Border Patrol agents by granting retention bonuses.

The Secure the Border Act has received support from prominent immigration groups, including the Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform. These groups praised the bill as a “forceful and serious” response to the chaos caused by the Biden administration’s immigration policies. They also urged the Senate to consider the legislation as a common-sense solution to secure the nation’s sovereignty and well-being.

However, the crisis at the border has not only attracted the attention of Republicans but also some Democratic politicians, who are increasingly speaking out about the difficulties faced by their cities. For instance, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for sending migrants to self-described sanctuary cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

With the end of Title 42 looming, officials in El Paso and other border towns are preparing for a potential surge in migrants. El Paso, for example, is building a third intake center to process the anticipated influx of people. Meanwhile, thousands of migrants are already waiting on the Mexican side of the border, ready to cross into the United States once the policy expires.

In light of these challenges, lawmakers must find viable solutions to address the border crisis and ensure the safety and security of the nation. The Secure the Border Act is a step in that direction, representing a united effort to tackle the worst border crisis in American history.