Comer Unveils New Subpoenas In Biden Family Financial Investigation

In an exclusive interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed significant developments in the ongoing investigation into the financial dealings of the Biden family.

Comer disclosed that he had issued new subpoenas for targeted financial information from a specific financial institution related to Jim Biden, Sara Biden and Hunter Biden. These subpoenas were prompted by a wealth of documents provided by Hunter’s former business associate, Devon Archer.

“We subpoenaed and he [Archer] turned over 3.7 million documents that had never before been seen,” Comer explained. These documents unearthed a complex web of financial transactions spanning multiple countries, including China, Russia, and Romania.

The Oversight Committee has traced millions of dollars from foreign companies through a labyrinth of shell companies and numerous bank accounts linked to the Biden family. Comer emphasized the astonishing number of bank accounts associated with the Bidens, suggesting a pattern of financial opacity.

Furthermore, Comer pointed out that certain shell companies were allegedly used for money laundering purposes, funneling funds acquired through what he described as “shady influence-peddling schemes.”

While linking these financial transactions directly to Joe Biden has proven challenging, Comer highlighted two checks totaling $240,000 that Jim Biden reportedly wrote to his brother.

Comer characterized the investigation as possibly the “biggest public corruption scandal in our lifetime.” He raised questions about why various foreign nations, including China and Russia, were sending money to the Bidens, underscoring the need for accountability.

The scrutiny on Hunter Biden extends beyond financial matters, with impending legal challenges including a gun charge in Delaware and tax fraud charges in California. Despite a recent denial of a request to delay his gun trial, Hunter faces a string of legal proceedings in the coming months.

Comer expressed confidence in the investigation’s ability to uncover evidence of alleged corruption within the Biden family. However, he acknowledged the challenges of holding powerful individuals accountable in a system he believes often protects its own.

The revelations from Comer’s interview underscore the deepening scrutiny surrounding the Biden family’s financial affairs and raise significant questions about potential conflicts of interest and ethical considerations.