Affirmed: Those ‘Dumb Culture War’ Issues Do Matter After All

The Virginia state’s recent transition from Blue to Red State has left the Democrats in disarray and initiated a cultural debate among many fronts. Virginia has been a heavily Democratic state, and last year Biden restored a tremendous amount of votes from the state. Still, just a few months into the presidency, the polls started falling as the Biden Administration kept ignoring the American nation’s visual signs telling them they were not happy with the way things were being run. 

Planning on cultural issues is as essential as catering to economic issues. The cultural aspect prompted the Virginians to shift from a liberal, leftist narrative to a conservative one. Legalizing boys and girls to share locker rooms and showers, a very leftist attitude, or allowing abortion until the final month of pregnancy is just a few of the alarming practices that are now becoming normalized in the name of gender equality. Moreover, telling black children to be wary of the white kid their age because they can be an oppressor or telling the white kids that they should shoulder the guilt of their white ancestors. Such things are not natural to be taught in schools, and many parents are now speaking up.  

Such cultural debates that have been hushed or ignored before are now being brought to light and handled by the GOP while the Democrats indulge in the social spending agenda. Glenn Youngkin, who defeated McAuliffe in the Virginia race, recorded parents’ statements in the schools. On the other hand, McAuliffe stated the opposite, implying that parents should not be concerned about what goes on in their children’s educational institutions. 

A Washington Post reporter Julie Weil uploaded a whole thread of tweets highlighting various reasons stated by the voters for voting GOP.