Congressional Candidate Gabe Vasquez Caught Using Alter-Ego to Bash Cops

In a hilarious turn of events, some skeletons in the closet of congressional hopeful Gabe Velasquez (D-NM) have been revealed.

By the Summer of 2020, Black Lives Matter protests had sparked up throughout the nation. Las Cruces, New Mexico was no outlier.

Gabe Valesquez joined his Democrat brethren in the streets to honor George Floyd.

During the“mostly peaceful protests,” a local news station interviewed a man wearing a hat, sunglasses and a bandana covering his mouth.

“We need serious police reform in this country,” said “James Hall,” the alias Vasquez was using on that day.

“It’s not just about defunding police, it’s about defunding a system that privileges white people over everyone else,” added Vasquez, praying he wouldn’t be asked a follow-up question to back his claim.

After a heated investigation and top-notch journalism display, the Washington Free Beacon has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that angry protester James Hall is indeed Gabe Vasquez.

A former city official claimed he immediately recognized Vasquez in the 2020 news clip.

“I was disappointed when I saw that because … he was using words that could encourage riots,” said the anonymous former official. “Exercise your First Amendment rights, but let’s not have harm.”

Vasquez has recently deleted all evidence linking him to the 2020 protest. He’s even deleted a picture, unrelated to the riot, of him wearing the same bandana he dawned during his now infamous interview.

He was too late.

Vasquez’s camp has yet to respond to the Washington Free Beacon’s request for comment.

Times have changed since 2020, and defunding the police is no longer in style. The movement was so vastly unpopular that it ultimately led to Democrats hilariously attempting to act like it was our idea all along.

Gabe Vasquez’s behavior since this story has gone public is indicative of two things. He’s the mystery man from the interview, and he’s aware that this embarrassment could potentially torpedo any chances of becoming a congressman.

His opponent, incumbent Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM), must feel quite optimistic about her chances of retaining her seat in November.