Congressional Staffers Trying To Become The New Deep State

A shocking new report has revealed that congressional staffers are “challenging their own bosses in a bid to shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill” away from the lawmakers elected by their constituents to represent their interests and toward the unelected bureaucracy of young activist staffers.

According to the report from Bloomberg Government, the congressional staffers have essentially been bullying their bosses over a myriad of issues, including amnesty for illegal aliens, LGBT issues, and the Israel-Hamas war.

“Congressional staff… are increasingly challenging their own bosses in a bid to shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill, representing a sea change in the relationship between lawmakers and the legions of workers who ensure the House and Senate function,” the outlet reported.

Bloomberg cited factors including the January 6 Capitol protests and “generational divides” as the catalysts for “unprecedented levels of organizing and activism among staff” — noting that the activism has prompted “questions about the limits of those activities” and convinced “some to give up their jobs.”

The outlet then quoted Congressional Management Foundation president and CEO Bradford Fitch, who reported that congressional staffers are “asserting themselves more.”

“Advocacy spread even to the official business of Congress and the Supreme Court, especially through the work of nonpartisan staff associations,” Bloomberg reported.

The report went on to list several issues that these congressional staffers are “challenging” their bosses about. One such issue is illegal immigration, where far-left “Hispanic staffers” are demanding that Congress “provide a pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens who entered the U.S. as children “so they can work on the Hill.”

Far-left staffers who identify as members of the LGBT community “have called out House lawmakers for denigrating the transgender community,” the report continued, likely referring to lawmakers who oppose allowing children to undergo dangerous and irreversible transgender medical procedures and call for bans on drag shows for children, among other issues. These staffers are also reportedly attacking the recent “Supreme Court case carving out religious exemptions for contractors” to LGBT weddings, according to Bloomberg.

Another issue that congressional staffers are reportedly lobbying against is “legislation eliminating the House’s diversity and inclusion office,” the outlet reported.

Bloomberg also pointed out that this isn’t a new phenomenon, though staffers previously used more underhanded methods to challenge their bosses rather than openly doing so.

“Lawmakers’ staff have always challenged their bosses’ positions, albeit behind closed doors or by leaking to the press,” the report stated.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Bipartisan Policy Center director of structural democracy Michael Thorning declared that these actions could be “potentially really harmful to the institution.”

“You have to, I think, either be willing to accept your boss’s decisions or be willing to find somewhere else to work,” Thorning told the outlet.

The idea that congressional staffers have a lot of power over legislation being passed by Congress is not new, as it is widely known that many bills and resolutions are actually written by staff behind the scenes.

However, the latest news was especially concerning to many Americans on social media, who pointed out that the congressional staffers are acting as if they think that they are more worthy of controlling the government than the lawmakers elected by the American people.

“Staffers are elected by nobody. Pound sand,” Fox News contributor and podcast host Guy Benson wrote.

“What an odd way to describe an insurrection,” one user wrote.

Another user condemned Bloomberg for appearing to report on this news as a positive change.

“‘Media outlet propagandizes American public, priming them and hoping they accept rule by unelected bureaucrats.’ Fixed that for you,” the user wrote.