Conservative Taking Over Pennsylvania With Her Story And Vision

Republican Candidate Kathy Barnette is an inspirational woman who has announced that she is running for the U.S. Senate. She is taking Pennsylvania by storm with her compelling pro-life story and a motivational vision. Barnette’s childhood was filled with financial and personal difficulties; despite this, Barnette believes she is not a victim, as she is a victor.

Kathy Barnette’s mother was the victim of a sexual assault when she was very young, with Kathy being born as a result. Barnette’s mother gave birth to her in a Southern Alabama pig farm. She was born in a house that had no insulation or running water. Her poor family belonged to the bottom of the economic ladder. Barnette’s family hails from a generation of Black slaves who were brought up in that same house.

Barnette acknowledges that she is a byproduct of sexual assault. Barnette appreciates her grandmother for saving her from abortion and realizing the importance of a life in the womb.

Barnette said she is very thankful to God for the smart decisions that adults made by being pro-life.

Her family made sure that the hardships they faced did not dictate their actions in life. Barnette explains that her family could have played the victim card at any moment, but she appreciates her rough early years as they gave her more strength and success later on in life.

Barnette tells how her grandmother used to ask for her help in the garden and when she grew up she realized that was how the family had to survive, they had to work and grow their own vegetables and crops.

Kathy Barnette denies the idea of victimhood which the left is prescribing as the solution for America’s misery. On the contrary, she doesn’t believe in victimhood at all, despite the hard life she has lived. Barnette is tired of seeing false ‘wokeness’ which is being pushed around in culture and education, which is why she has decided to run for the Senate and save this nation’s soul.