Conservatives Are Still Being Censored

Andrew Crapuchettes shares his story about building a tech company from the bottom and turning it into a 50-million-dollar business. But because of his conservative views, the board of directors decided to fire him, claiming his ideals did not fit the company.

“So, I was the CEO of a 50-million-dollar tech company, about a year and a half ago. And my board decided I was too conservative a Christian for their liking,” he said. Andrew became unemployed. He wondered if a similar fate had happened to others.

That’s how Crapuchettes founded RedBalloon in 2021. His goal was to fulfill the needs of many Americans who are simply wanting the freedom to work, without fear of discrimination against their beliefs. The employer is required to sign a “bill of rights” that confirms the employee will not be discriminated against.

The past two years have seen a large number of ruined careers, and broken lives, all due to the questionable decisions of CEOs of companies who put mandated vaccines above the actual lives of everyday citizens.

Southwest Airlines, for instance, is suffering the long-term effects from policies implemented during the pandemic. These policies caused firings of innocent, unvaccinated employees. Companies understand the effects of what has been done, but they can’t fully comprehend how to deal with the outcome.

This is not the first time something like this has happened to Christians or conservatives. Tony nominee Chad Kimbal was reportedly fired from Broadway simply for having Christian views. After being fired from “Come from Away”, the actor is suing the show’s producer who allegedly dismissed him for his Christian leanings.

Many conservative Twitter accounts have been banned or “shadow-banned” from Twitter for opposing Zelensky’s recent speech.

It’s hard to understand what will come out of ‘woke’ companies and their policies. For now, it seems that what they are doing is counterproductive to their success and the success of people who work for them.