Conservatives Should Be Prepared To Handle ‘Dems Cheating’ In The 2022 Midterms

According to surveys, Joe Biden’s popularity is plummeting faster than the Titanic. Those who do not wish to live under dictatorial socialism are ecstatic. Unfortunately, they won’t win elections by polling well. They’ll beat them if terrible people cheat a lot. They can’t stop people from cheating, but they can’t let it go unnoticed.

Joe Biden’s popularity is plummeting, mainly owing to poor policies. Therefore he or another left-wing Democrat will have to cheat big time to win four more years in the White House. They’d never do something like that again, would they? They would, of course. They are aware that they have cheated, and they are aware that they have cheated. And they are well aware that cheating has benefited them.

Moreover, no American institution attempted to stop the Democrats from stealing the Supreme Court. How will the midterm elections be different? Will the Democrats suddenly feel compelled to uphold their honor? We may hope, but it’s unlikely. It doesn’t matter how many people vote. Who counts the votes matters.

The Democrats have already taken control of the White House and the House and Senate by a razor-thin margin. They will cheat in the midterm elections so that by 2024, they will have larger margins. If they allow them to cheat again, they shall see the end of free and fair elections for the next century.

However, we must find a method to restore free and fair elections, or at the very least, preserve what was once a magnificent nation. We must do it lawfully and peacefully. Otherwise, we will face the worst conflict in human history.