Controversial BLM Founder To Push ‘Defunding School Police’ To LA Students

An organization of Los Angeles Unified School District students will feature Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors giving a speech this Saturday. She will advocate defunding the police. The students call themselves the Police Free LAUSD Coalition, and Cullors speaks at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

At a church no less, having this radical address students is hardly out of step for the LAUSD. In February 2020, approved a plan to slash one-third of the district’s resource officers from schools and divert those funds for black student achievement. The move cut 133 jobs and rerouted the money to a Black Student Achievement Plan that funded measures to reduce the “over-identification of black students in suspensions, discipline, and other measures,” among other projects. The use of pepper spray on students has also been prohibited and substituted by who knows what.

Harsh language?

And now Cullors comes to town to indoctrinate students, even as her fundraising and personal expenditures strain under government scrutiny. BLM says it raised $90 million during 2020, used $8.4 million on operating costs, and applied $21.7 million to grants for its social justice work, leaving a balance of roughly $60 million.

So where is it?

The California Department of Justice sent a warning to Black Lives Matter that it will be held accountable if the $60 million is not accounted for in submitting required annual reports. But it gets better. Much better.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, the same avowed Marxist speaking to Los Angeles students at a church Saturday about diverting funds from protecting their communities, has reportedly gone on an extravagant real estate buying spree. And no, not on depressed homes to remodel them for the good of the poor and oppressed.

Unless you consider Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake poor and oppressed, Cullors reportedly has purchased four homes in the US for a total of $3.2 million and is eyeing residences in the exclusive Bahamas resort where both Woods and Timberlake have homes. Public records show that one of the US homes was snatched up for a cool $1.4 million and is at the end of a secluded driveway just a short drive from Malibu.
Utilized as a homeless shelter by the avowed Marxist and championed the poor and oppressed.

This weekend, the odor around the LA student’s special guest has gotten so foul that Amazon has booted BLM from its charity platform over the unaccounted-for $60 million.

Who knows, perhaps Cullors and BLM will use the money to restore funding to the police.