Coutts Blockade Ends In ‘Hugs’

The Freedom Truck Protestors engaged in the Coutts area on the border between the US and Canada for the last 18 days (about two and a half weeks) decided to end their protest on Tuesday. The main factor for the protest ending is that the Premier of Alberta has announced an end to the vaccine passports and a staggered plan for the remainder of the restrictions. The ending of the restrictions was the stated goal of the truckers from the beginning.

Travel and commerce returned to the crossing unimpeded.

As the protesters left in a very unusual scene, the police and participants decided to ‘hug it out,’ showing respect for each other’s efforts and courage.

Another reason for the protest ending is that the leading group did not want to be associated with four people arrested with weapons and a conspiracy to commit murder. The leaders of the Coutts protest have condemned the men involved as a “false flag operation.” The government was quick to conflate the protest in its totality with the acts of this minuscule minority.

The vast majority of the Freedom Protests have been incredibly peaceful to any interested observer without a plan. However, Justin Trudeau has used the protests in an unprecedented move to grab power. This week he invoked the Emergency Powers act for the first time in Canada’s history. Most pundits are focusing on whether Trudeau can suspend civil liberties and are concerned about martial law or other restrictions upon movement. It is, in fact, far more sinister than that.

Indeed, there are tons of anecdotal reports already of Canadian citizens having their accounts frozen. Mind you, this is for a peaceful protest in the time-honored tradition of civil disobedience. What is even more alarming is that Trudeau did it when the political winds shifted. Provinces in Canada are already starting to lift restrictions, and even some of the bluest states in the US are seeing the political expediency of lifting the mandates.

Time will tell if Trudeau’s move portends something more ominous, but the Prime Minister is the one responsible for the escalation. Just ask all the police that got the hug treatment at Coutts.