COVID Vaccine Mandates Backfire On The Healthcare Community

COVID vaccine mandates are egregious, tyrannical affronts to the freedom and liberty that go hand in hand with being in America. Despite what the communist left wants Americans to believe, liberty and freedom do not cease to matter, even in the presence of COVID, Omicron, or anything else for that matter.

Times of uncertainty are when the defense of freedom is even more important than in regular times. It is because tyrants, like Democrats, will use fear and uncertainty to strip away the rights of individuals.

Look no further than what is happening in California and New York. In these dystopian, Democrat-run regimes, individuals cannot even go inside public buildings without showing papers confirming they’ve been vaccinated.

Democrats can try to spin the mandates all they want, yet it boils down to the desire to control others at all costs at the end of the day. However, as PJ Media reports, these high-handed mandates are now beginning to backfire on none other than the healthcare community, a.k.a, one of the biggest backers of these mandates.

Hospitals that gave the boot to unvaccinated healthcare workers are now complaining about being supposedly overwhelmed with patients in their facilities. The Massachusetts-based UMass Memorial Health System is one prime example of this.

This facility faces “the worst” they have ever encountered with no clear sign of this letting up anytime soon. Never mind the fact that Massachusetts as a state has notably high rates of vaccination against COVID.

As many Americans have pointed out on social media, had these healthcare facilities not fired significant swaths of their staff over these staffers not taking the COVID vaccine, perhaps the facilities wouldn’t be so “overwhelmed.”

At some point, actions have consequences. Pro-mandated people will argue that healthcare facilities have the right to let go of people not willing to abide by employers’ rules. However, if this is the case, then these employers should not kick and scream about not having enough workers on the beat.

It is a crisis the healthcare community has inflicted upon itself.

With multiple healthcare establishments choosing to fire healthcare workers for not taking the COVID vaccine, it is time to drop all claims regarding America still facing a “pandemic.”

If this supposed pandemic were what the healthcare community claimed to be, they wouldn’t be letting go of healthcare personnel. The medical establishment cannot have it both ways.

Either we are in a pandemic and therefore need every healthcare worker we can get. The pandemic has ended, thus giving healthcare facilities the flexibility to fire healthcare workers who displease them.

Only one of these scenarios can be accurate.