COVID Vaccine Mandates Come Back To Haunt Biden Again

Joe Biden’s insistence on making medical decisions for millions of Americans is an absolute travesty. It’s led to good, qualified people being fired from their jobs, all because they chose not to take the COVID vaccination for whatever reason.

When Biden was running to be president, he stated that he wouldn’t push to mandate these vaccines. During the earliest times of Biden’s presidency, his press secretary said mandating COVID vaccines was not the federal government’s role.

Nevertheless, Biden chose to move forward with these mandates anyway, banking on strong-arm Americans into submission in September. It didn’t work out so well, though.

Lawsuits quickly followed these mandates, leading to multiple federal judges blocking them. Now, RedState confirms that Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates are hurting a corporation that he’s personally a big fan of.

Biden has professed himself as a lover of Amtrak, a company responsible for providing transportation services across various cities on multiple occasions in the past. However, as it turns out, Biden’s authoritarian endeavor to compel workers to get vaccinated against COVID is now hurting Amtrak.

As it turns out, Amtrak’s president recently admitted the company is reducing the amount of transportation service it provides due to a lack of workers. With Amtrak and other companies, many workers refuse to allow the 46th president to force a needle into their bodies.

As it turns out, Amtrak also chooses to remain pretty tight-lipped about the specific number of workers they lost. However, for the company to have to cut back transportation services due to a lack of staff indicates a sizable dent has been made.

In typical fashion for the Biden administration, they are as clueless and tone-deaf as ever. When White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Amtrak cutting back service due to a lack of workers, Psaki claimed it’s good news that over 90% of the company’s workers are vaccinated.

Time and time again, this White House continues to prove how out of touch it is with the American people. Biden and his lackeys don’t care about their mandates and policies’ negative impacts on the country.

All this sorry administration truly cares about is trying to impose its will on the citizens of this nation. Anyone who fails to toe the line should be cast aside and discarded as far as the White House is concerned.