Covidiots From The Government Found ‘Nine Even Scarier Words’ In The English Language

This story from PJ Media is just another example of the abject stupidity of coronavirus hysteria. It is also an example of how the United States government is self-destructing right before our eyes.

Next week, the Washington state fire marshal will be terminated after serving for 33 years at the state firefighting agency. It is because Washington’s Governor, climate change extremist, Jay Inslee, has ordered state employees to get a coronavirus vaccine or be fired by an October 18 deadline.

Remember: A coronavirus vaccine is an elective, invasive medical procedure that administers an experimental substance into the customer’s blood. 

Three nations with advanced medical industries, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, have paused the Moderna vaccine over concerns that it is not safe for people’s hearts because of the risk of heart inflammation caused by the vaccine.

Earlier this year, Sweden, Germany, France, and 15 other countries suspended the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. That’s because a 49-year-old woman in Austria died from blood clots owing to “severe coagulation disorder” after getting the vaccine. A 35-year-old who got a coronavirus vaccine made from the same batch also developed blood clots in the lungs and recovered.

Washington’s fire marshal, Charles LeBlanc, isn’t getting the vaccine because he has a health condition. His doctor, the expert on health in general and on Charles LeBlanc’s health recommended against it, in the best interests of Leblanc’s health.

LeBlanc says, “I’m following my doctor’s recommendation, which is not to get the vaccine. Contrary to popular belief, there is a percentage of people in our population who cannot get the vaccination.”

Whatever popular belief may hold, knowing better is the governor’s job and the job of any policymaker. Inslee made it his career when he took it upon himself to force himself on all his state’s employees’ private, personal health decisions that are their own to make, and by law, don’t have to tell anyone.

Even their doctors are expected not to disclose anything about their health and choice of medical treatments as an ethical concern of the highest importance.

So Inslee is woefully incapable of doing the job he proclaimed himself equal to, the position of managing the personal health decisions of over 100,000 state employees and over 7.5 million residents in the state of Washington.

The most gloriously absurd aspect of Washington’s state government making even government employees hate and resent government with all the zeal of the most disillusioned libertarian is this gem from KING 5 News:

The soon-to-be-fired fire marshal told the local news outfit that he applied with the state for a medical exemption from Inslee’s inconsiderate vaccine mandate, and that, and remember these words any time you doubt for a minute that the Covidiots are trying to turn this country into North Korea: “The request was accepted, but I cannot be accommodated.”