Crowds Cheer The US “People’s Convoy” As It Starts Journey To DC In The Mojave Desert

It started in Canada with the “Freedom Convoy.” A massive number of trucks converged on the Canadian capital of Ottawa, paralyzing the city. Similar scenes spread across Canada, such as at Coutts and the Ambassador bridge. All the protests aimed to end the vaccine mandates on truckers imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.

The peaceful protests captivated people worldwide with scenes of bouncy houses and impromptu hot tubs. It was a protest movement like no other, and Justin Trudeau reacted like no other leader in a western democracy.

The Prime Minister invoked the emergency powers act of his government, effectively nationalizing tow truck companies. He had his mounted police trample crowds, and his ministers extra-judicially freeze the bank accounts of Canadians who had donated as few as forty dollars to the convoy on crowd-funding sites like “Give.Send.Go.” Hundreds of arrests were made, and now the protests are effectively over. Over in Canada, that is.

An American version of the protest had been talked about for weeks with little to show for it. The Department of Homeland Security warned that a convoy of trucks might even disrupt the Super Bowl. That failed to materialize, but it looks as if the “People’s Convoy” is finally underway.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Mojave Desert near Adelanto, California, the starting point for the “People’s Convoy” column of trucks. Although the number of trucks being reported is small, it is expected that the convoy will pick up steam as it travels on its way to Washington, DC, expected to arrive on March 5.

It is unknown how big the protest will get, but it is unlikely to be as big as the original protest in Canada. Why? The United States does not have as centralized a government as Canada. Federalism has resulted in many restrictions, ranging from the draconian blue states to typical Florida. Fewer truckers are being impacted in the United States as a result. Also, there may have been a chilling effect from the bank seizures to the North, which will discourage Americans from donating for fear of happening here.

However big the convoy gets, it got off to a rousing start thanks to all the people who came out for the launch. One thing is for sure, the “People’s Convoy” is on its way to DC, and time will tell how big its impact will be.