Dagen McDowell: The Biden Administration “Took A Chainsaw” To The Energy Industry And Global Security

On Friday on “The Five,” Dagen McDowell criticized Joe Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm saying that she brought the chainsaw to the most valuable industry of the country and endangered the nation’s global security. The comments were made by McDowell in response to Granholm’s response when asked about increasing American oil production calling the topic hilarious. She then said that oil is a global market controlled by OPEC and decided not to increase oil production. 

McDowell fired back at the statement made by the energy secretary and declared that the United States was the one in control of the gas prices until Biden came into the Presidency. He and his liberal nuts brought a chainsaw to the country’s most valuable industry. The host got pretty upset about Granholm’s response and exclaimed if it’s too much to ask of an energy secretary to give a damn about the nation’s suffering or at least know how the sector works. 

With the winter approaching and the gas prices already skyrocketing, followed by inflation and high taxes, this one is mainly going to be the most difficult one since the 70s. The Five hosts continued that while former President Donald Trump was in the White House, the US-controlled the global oil industry with its reserves in surplus. McDowell’s comments were supported by the Co-host Jessica Tarlov and Lawrence Jones. Tarlov added that Granholm laughing in the face of the voters is not a good idea, followed by Jones pointing at the irony how the energy secretary of the self-proclaimed empathetic president was laughing at the misery of the Americans that are suffering due to high gas prices the steepest inflation faced by the nation in 30 years.