David Frum Blames Putin For All Of Biden’s Troubles

Before the State of the Union, David Frum attempted to frame the country’s inflationary problems because of Putin’s late February invasion with this tweet:

It is an interesting perspective, to say the least, considering there was widespread reporting about rising prices in November of last year. Gas prices for 2021 were the highest on record since 2014. Americans were already beginning to feel the pain at the pump and grocery store check-out lines long before Putin made his move.

What about the supply chain woes plaguing every industry? Has the media conveniently memory-holed that or is that Russia’s fault as well? Frum also conveniently forgets that Biden’s so-called deterrence strategy did absolutely nothing in preventing the conflict. Some would argue that his “minor incursion” speech was a modern-day version of US Ambassador April Glaspie, who famously told Saddam Hussein that the United States had no opinion on Arab conflicts, including the border dispute with Kuwait (We all know what happened after that).

Still, the invasion of Ukraine does allow Biden apologists to attempt to pivot the narrative.

Russia’s ban on exports certainly has ramifications for the food supply, given that it is one of the most prominent wheat and fertilizer producers in the world. Still, it does not absolve Biden’s role in the supply chain issues. Furthermore, the administration’s attack on American energy creates a situation where even if there was ample food production, the cost of transporting it will still skyrocket. It is not a one-factor problem. Mayor Pete thinks it is, however.

Ok, but what about the trucks that transport all our goods? The Biden administration continually ignores dealing with reality. Platitudes and virtue signaling do not solve real-world problems. Neither does the blame game. First, they blamed Trump and now they will blame Putin for every ill that befalls the economy. Unfortunately for Biden, Americans are wise to the game, and they know who to blame for the results (Hint, it is not Putin).