David Hogg Dismisses Mental Illness – Blames Racism for Shooting

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart recently interviewed David Hogg, who claimed that the Highland Park July 4 Parade shooter Robert Crimo III is racist rather than mentally ill.

Believing that racism drives a mass shooting that targeted an area that’s 89.6% white doesn’t give much credibility to the claim.

Hogg said, “Hatred is not a mental illness. I can’t stand it when there are these terrorist attacks that are happening across the United States by these white nationalists, and we repeatedly act like hatred is a mental illness. Racism is not a mental illness. Racism is learned. Hatred is learned.”

There is no evidence that Crimo’s actions were based on hatred or racism. In fact, Crimo was questioned by police several years prior to the shooting after threatening to “kill everyone.”

Hogg also referenced a shooter who referenced the Parkland shooter, who was Latino. There was also no evidence that he was a white supremacist or associated with any white supremacist groups.

Hogg said, “We do need to have a conversation around mental health in this country to fund, to address, especially, the trauma and PTSD that black and brown communities have from experiencing a disproportionate amount of gun violence.”

Instead of suggesting we tackle gun violence at a police level to stop violent crimes before they happen, Hogg is suggesting that we deal with the effects from these shootings.

It’s worth noting that Hogg supports individuals like Ryan Twyman, who was charged with possessing illegal firearms as a felon and was shot and killed by police when he backed his vehicle up while a Los Angeles County deputy was inside of the door frame.