Dem Donor Pleads Guilty To Illegal Campaign Spending

A California Business Executive has pleaded guilty for having made illegal contributions to the 2016 presidential elections and 2018 midterm elections. The Business Executive named Stevan Hill admitted that he had funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democrats in conduit and excessive campaign contributions in 2016 and beyond. The top recipients of these contributions involved Hillary Clinton, the failed presidential candidate Adam Schiff, and former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

A combined $12,700 was given to these Democrats by Hill, according to campaign finance records. An additional $100,000 was also donated to Hillary’s victory fund, which further sent out contributions to the Democratic National Committee and 34 Democratic State Parties, including Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, and New Jersey. According to a statement by the Justice Department, Hill had pleaded guilty for three things, one for conspiracy surrounding conduit contributions, making excessive contributions to the campaigns exceeding donation limits and causing the false statements to be made, and having false entries to be made in records. Though he has pleaded guilty to all his criminal acts, he will be sentenced later.

The majority of the contributions made by Hill were scheduled on the same date of 9th September 2016. In 2018, an additional $5000 was given to Schiff and McCaskill along with $50,000 to the congressional Democratic Campaign Committee for the midterm elections in 2018. But according to the Justice Department, Hill had been working under a Lebanese fugitive Ahmad (Andy) Khawaja from whom he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars to make contributions. Khawaja is also facing charges for giving Hill the money to exceed the contribution limits set by the Federal Law. Hill had initially been working under Khawaja in 2002 at Allied Wallet, an e-commerce company founded by Khawaja, which leads to speculations that such contributions may have been made by these two since before 2016.