Democrat Are Losing Independent Voters

The Democrat Party’s voter base is getting narrower with time. This is because the party chooses to embrace radical reforms over common-sense solutions.

For a long time, Democrats claimed to be the party of the working class. Yet, in the same breath, they’re trying to bankrupt the oil industry. Joe Biden managed to kill 11,000+ jobs with the stroke of a pen last January after he gutted the Keystone XL pipeline.

Ironically, some progressives are also losing faith in Democrats. Progressives often make the case that Democrats aren’t going far enough to the left. Earlier this year, the Biden administration took heat from progressives upon walking back the campaign promise to provide free community college.

Now, new information shows that Democrats are hemorrhaging Independent voters as well.

A Reality Check
Various polls show that more often than not, Independents tend to be more aligned with Republicans than Democrats. However, the public tracking poll Navigator shows that Independents are increasingly more concerned about the economy.

This is an issue that Democrats constantly downplay and pretend isn’t a big deal. Although Navigator shows a 20% increase – from September to October – in Independents with worries regarding the economy.

Additional Navigator data reveals only 12% of Independents view the current economy in a favorable light. While Biden argues the economy is “strong as hell,” everyday people of various political persuasions are seeing their bills go through the rooftops.

Behind the scenes, even some Democratic operatives and strategists are warning the economy is an uphill battle for the party.

The Signs Are Everywhere
Navigator’s new data shouldn’t come as a shock. Since Biden got into office, polls showed him steadily losing support from Independent voters as time went on.

As Democrats keep writing off the economy as nothing to worry about, Independents voters are watching Republicans explain comprehensive plans to fix the economy.

Even mainstream media news outlets are sounding the alarm, admitting that Democrats aren’t meeting the needs of the people, especially when it comes to the economy. Outlets that are far from friendly to Republicans have shown poll after poll that confirms widespread concern.

Judging from the polls, there is a very real likelihood that Republicans will get more Independent votes than Democrats. There’s no doubt this will be a vital part of the GOP’s return to power in Congress.