Democrat ‘Beclowned’ Himself With Oil Request Of Saudi Arabia

One of the most significant factors increasing the complexity of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is energy. Europe’s headlong dive into alternative renewable energy has created a situation where it is not close to being energy independent. Green energy is unreliable, and depending on it has created energy shortages for the EU (European Union). Countries like Germany, for example, must import over 20 percent of their natural gas from Russia.

It creates a problem when the rest of the world depends on NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to stand up to Russia as a unified front. Congressman Brad Sherman recognizes the problem but calls for a moronic solution. Who knew that a Harvard-trained lawyer could be so dumb.

By his reasoning, the blood should be on Biden’s hands, not Saudi Arabia. The Congressman seems to forget that the United States was near energy independence under President Trump. When Biden took office, he declared war on American Energy by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, canceling leases, and not allowing drilling on Federal lands. Instead of relying upon another regime with questionable motives, why not just open the taps at home?

Environmentalism has changed from a movement into religion, and every religion has its zealots. Reasonable people want a cleaner environment. The challenge is not destroying western economies in the process. One of the main reasons for the instability regarding Russia is that Putin knows Europe is dependent on his country’s energy. He has worked hard behind the scenes to encourage the Green movement in Europe. Every green politician that is elected gives Russia more leverage. This leverage led him to believe that invading Ukraine was an option.

It is hard to find an honest broker of information regarding energy policy. The left’s dire predictions that the world will end every ten years result in dates passing and setting new deadlines. Our elites buy oceanfront properties, apparently unconcerned about the inevitable rising seas they cry about. One thing is for sure, a robust energy policy by the United States and Europe may have been a strong deterrent for President Putin. Unfortunately, we will never know, and Ukraine pays the price.