Democrat In A Texas House Race Uses Doctored Photo Of Female Opponent

Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) is running against Rep. Mayra Flores (R) in a key race for the House seat that Flores currently holds, and a recent ad run by Gonzalez includes a doctored photo of Flores that can be seen in the tweet below.

Flores became the first Mexican-born congresswoman after defeating Dan Sanchez to fill a seat left vacant by a departing democrat. After the win Flores said, “This win is for the people who were ignored for so long! This is a message that the establishment will no longer be tolerated! We have officially started the red wave!!”

Many pundits are calling the race a toss-up right now even though, with redrawn district lines, Joe Biden would have won this congressional district by 16 points in 2020. While that seems insurmountable just two years later, Flores is competing and the race is tight.

In a recent ad focusing on school safety and gun control, .the campaign for Gonzalez features a doctored and unappealing photo of Flores holding a firearm. Gonzalez first posted the photo on her own Instagram account, but the photo featured in the ad was different. Her eyebrows were contorted and the middle of her face was noticeably different.

The ad can be seen in the tweet below:

Fox News reached out to Flores and Sanchez about the doctored photo. Sanchez did not immediately reply.

Flores said, “First, Vicente Gonzalez hired a racist blogger to attack me for my heritage. Now Vicente is doing the dirty work himself with this shameless and pathetic photoshopping. The people in the [Rio Grande Valley] are smarter than this and will see right through Vicente’s scare tactics and constant lies.”

In a tight race, it is hard to understand what Gonzalez hoped to gain by using a doctored photo, especially when the original photo would have served the ad’s purpose.

The “racist blogger” remarks refer to the fact that Texas political blogger Jerry McHale, who was known for amplifying racist remarks about Barack Obama, called Flores “Miss Frijoles” and “Miss Enchiladas.”

McHale also said that Flores was “playing the race card” when she talked about picking cotton with her parents who emigrated to America when Flores was a child.

The Gonzalez campaign has, in conjunction with the racist comments described above, paid McHale more than $2,000 since he entered the race.