Democrat Katie Hobbs Still Refuses To Debate Republican Kari Lake In Arizona Governor Race

A closely contested race for the governor of Arizona should include public debates between the Democratic and Republican candidates. At least, that is what Americans would have expected before this year, where Democrat Katie Hobbs has flatly refused to face off with Republican Kari Lake.

Lake, a former journalist, has consistently appeared in every public forum available to her and has practically begged Hobbs, the current Arizona Secretary of State, to debate under virtually any terms. The few times Hobbs has made media appearances have been disastrous, and this past weekend was no exception.

Hobbs stuck to her extremist no-limits pro-abortion position that is unpopular with the majority of Arizonans and stumbled her way through giving a non-answer when asked to say something positive about Latinos.

After her latest horrific public appearance, GOP Senate candidate from Arizona Blake Masters posted a tweet that said: “Katie Hobbs is the Kamala Harris of Arizona.”

Then, when Lake dared to trigger Hobbs by appearing in her presence, the Democrat retreated to safety and had her sympathizers boo Lake in protest.

The incident occurred at a town hall event that was designed to include both candidates. The campaigns had to stipulate that both candidates would not appear on stage together for Hobbs to agree to the event. Lake sat in the front row of the audience to watch Hobbs make her appearance before she was set to follow her on stage.

Hobbs protested and organizers said that Lake was supposed to be sitting in a holding room while Hobbs spoke. Lake protested that she had not been made aware of that rule. Organizers refused to provide a copy of the alleged rules to reporters.

Lake then called on Hobbs to be brave enough to come out and debate her face-to-face. Of course, Hobbs refused.

The latest RealClearPolitics polling average has Lake leading Hobbs by 1.1 percentage points, 48% to 46.9%.