Democrat May Be Trying To Distance Themselves From Kamala Harris

During the 2020 presidential election, the Democrat Party realized that a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket was vital to getting the White House and benefiting their party in the long run. Much to the country’s harm, Biden and Harris are most definitely in the White House. However, this appears to be backfiring on Democrats.

For starters, Biden and Harris are not getting along. Last month, her aides complained to CNN about how the Biden Administration treats her. Rumor had it that Harris wasn’t being treated in the best manners or set up to do well in the White House.

Since then, there have been videos of Biden and Harris at public events where the two barely acknowledge one another and appear to have a frosty disposition. Let’s not also forget the reports that indicate Biden’s been having specific conversations about replacing Harris as vice president altogether.

Amid all this, reports from PJ Media now seem to assert that Harris is struggling in the Democrat Party as a whole, despite her being the vice president.

At this time, Harris’ approval ratings are worse than Biden’s, and Biden’s are pretty low. Earlier this year, the vice president rubbed Americans the wrong way when she did absolutely nothing to deal with the ongoing border crisis, despite being made the point person for the matter by Biden himself.

Now, the White House is reportedly trying to limit what Harris says. Regarding one of Biden’s most recent meetings with centrist Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, Biden allegedly pushed for his vice president to merely say hi and then leave the meeting, rather than her sticking around and giving feedback.

Democrats as a whole now appear to be asking themselves how Harris fits into the Democrat Party for the long run. For some time, the vice president was viewed as the left’s ideal presidential candidate in future races (notably 2024 if Biden does not run). However, her low approval ratings appear to have put a damper on that.

As Biden’s presidency implodes, Democrats are increasingly looking at various measures to save themselves and avoid the blowback. However, these measures are far and few in between, apparently even for the vice president herself.

At the rate things are going, Democrats are on a fast track to losing election after election in America for quite some time to come. No attempted distancing from the vice president is going to change that.