Democrats Are Doing Everything to Ensure They Lose the Midterms

With the midterm elections being only seven months away, Democrats are openly panicking over all the signs showing they’re going to lose.

People like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have even gone so far as to claim that if Democrats lose these races in November, America’s “democracy” is going to be in grave danger. This sentiment has been echoed by other top leaders in the Democrat Party as well.

Yet, in spite of how much Democrats are verbally denouncing the prospect of losing the midterms, their actions and policies are ensuring they don’t win, as explained by The Federalist.

How Democrats Are Digging Their Own Grave

Across the United States, Democrats have alienated just about every significant voting bloc.

The left continues to spit in the faces of parents by calling them domestic terrorists and trying to exclude parents from the educational journey of their children. That’s not to mention the Democrats’ crusade to have gender identity politics taught to small children in third grade or below.

At the same time, Democrats are alienating the middle class and working class of this country with an energy crisis and inflation.

The energy crisis is easy to fix with a return to US domestic energy production. But this president and his administration refuse. They also refuse to ease off the spending which led to the inflation we are now experiencing in the first place.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is losing support from Independents by pursuing an increasingly radical agenda.

The Independents who voted for Biden in 2020 did so because they believed his false claims of being a middle-of-the-road Democrat. Since Biden got into office, he’s let the radical left dictate his every move.

Ironically, Democrats can’t even keep their own base happy. Back in February, many left-wing voters were disappointed when they learned Biden was walking back his campaign promise to make community college “free.”

That’s not to mention Biden’s failure to keep the promise he made regarding reducing student loan debt.

Accountability Time

The midterm elections will be the nation’s opportunity to hold the Democrat Party accountable. As everyone already knows, the Biden administration’s leftist agenda will take a serious hit if the party loses control of Congress.

Biden, or potentially worse, will still run the executive branch. But the bright side is Democrats’ power to do damage will be greatly reduced with Democrats in the minority.