Democrats Are Losing The Asian-American Voters

The Democratic Party is losing support among Asian-American voters. The leftist candidate’s lead over conservative rivals is dwindling. According to exit polls, most Asian Americans still support Democrats, although fewer are voting for more moderate or left-wing candidates than their party’s chosen candidate.

According to the reports, Asian-American voters have been disillusioned by the Democratic Party’s attempt to shore up support by focusing on race and diversity issues. During the mayoral election in New York City, several campaign banners targeting Asian Americans suggested Democrats promote “laziness” and “label looting, arson, and murder as peaceful protests.”

Moreover, The Democratic Party’s voter outreach among young Asian Americans has fallen behind other ethnic groups. Asian Americans, who favor the installation of standardized testing and gifted and talented programs and support police enforcement, have pushed the demographic change. The Biden campaign reached out to only 43% of young Asian-American voters. Sixty-one percent of African-American adolescents, 55 percent Latino youth, and 46 percent white kids have a high school diploma.

Furthermore, the increased attention on black voters has prompted requests for more black candidates to be elected. Some community leaders and activists were dissatisfied with Boston’s first female Asian-American mayor. Marie St. Fleur, a former Massachusetts state legislator, said the defeat of three black candidates in the primary was “troubling.”

“The fact that we blinked at this moment is grief,” says St. Fleur de Lisbeth Salander. “At what point in Boston will we be allowed to vote and let me be clear about this for a black person in that corner office?” she says.