Democrats Are Milking The Paul Pelosi Attack

At this point, most of the country is familiar with the Paul Pelosi attack.

Last week, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was brutally beaten with a hammer inside his home. This led to Pelosi needing considerable medical attention. Although many details surrounding this incident are quite hazy.

Americans are wondering how the attacker was able to enter the home of a lawmaker who is third in line to the US presidency.

Furthermore, there are all sorts of mixed reports about where the Pelosis’ protection detail was during this attack and whether or not the House Speaker’s husband was alone in the house with the assailant.

Unfortunately, with days left before the midterm elections, Democrats are weaponizing the attack on Pelosi against Republicans.

Desperation at Its Worst
Democrats from Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton on down maintain that rhetoric from Republicans about COVID-19 and the 2020 presidential election are responsible for riling up people like Pelosi’s attacker.

What Democrats are not mentioning, however, is the fact that Pelosi’s attacker is a far-left nudist with a track record of sympathy for communist dictators like Fidel Castro. The efforts to pin this on Republicans ahead of the midterms continue to fall flat.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media is getting in on this as well. Various left-wing outlets are writing up think pieces about how Republicans are the ones puppeteering attacks against Democrats.

Unfortunately, the left is not holding itself to this same standard when it comes to attacks against Republicans that followed charged rhetoric from left-wing officials.

The Last Stand Before the Midterms
Many Americans can objectively see what Democrats are doing. The left is not truly concerned about heated political statements. However, Democrats are very worried about polls that show them losing midterm elections to Republicans.

Conservatives are now taking to social media to fight back against the lies from the left. Many are pointing out that when Republicans are physically attacked over their politics, leftists never claim it as an indictment on the Democrat Party as a whole.

The same individuals who claim that Republicans indirectly orchestrated Pelosi’s attack were silent when Joe Biden trashed tens of millions of Americans as “semi-fascist.” If the Democrat Party did not have double standards, it would not have any standards at all.