Democrats Beg Biden To Declare Emergency As Migrants Flood NYC

More than 50 New York City Democrats are urgently pleading with President Joe Biden to declare a “state of emergency” in response to an unprecedented influx of illegal immigration that is inundating the city and streets of Manhattan.

Since the spring of the previous year, over 90,000 illegal aliens have arrived in New York City, prompting 54 Democrats to write a letter to Biden, requesting the declaration of an emergency and granting of federal funds to help the city cope with the surge.

However, the Democrats approach is to shy away from curbing illegal immigration at the southern border; instead, they’re encouraging Biden to swiftly award illegal aliens with American jobs. “Our City is at a breaking point,” the Democrats expressed in their plea.

This plea from Democrats coincides with actions taken by Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY), who has been distributing fliers to border crossers and illegal aliens at the border, advising them against traveling to the city due to limited housing and resources.

As migrant hotels reached maximum capacity last week, illegal border crossers were forced to sleep on the streets of Manhattan. Protests in Queens, led by concerned residents including City Council candidate Bernard Chow, erupted against Adams’ proposed plan to establish a tent city at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center to house 1,000 male migrants.

“Follow the money,” one protester remarked. “The mayor has sold us out to the highest bidder. We don’t even know what type of 24-hour security they’ll provide. We don’t know who is coming in here,” another protester voiced.

Adams began relocating illegal aliens to other states and cities, a policy he had criticized Gov. Gregg Abbott (R-TX) for adopting, labeling it “anti-American.” The sheer number of border crossers and illegal aliens seeking refuge has resulted in an increase of more than 110 percent in the system’s population since Adams assumed office.

To accommodate the influx, Adams warned that New Yorkers may witness reductions in public services, such as meals for senior citizens and library hours. Each day, the cost of illegal immigration amounts to nearly $8 million for New Yorkers, and Adams anticipates the expense will surpass $4.2 billion by the middle of next year.