Democrats: Biden Had ‘No Plan’ To Get His Agenda Passed Amid Incompetent Staffers

The House of Representatives is discussing whether to move forward with the budget reconciliation bill, which would allow the infrastructure package to be voted on. The newest dispute comes after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) chastised Democratic leaders for failing to hold a vote this week as promised and endorsing the progressives’ charade.

Joe Biden just expected everything to happen in Afghanistan while having no clear plan for how to make it happen. He faced the same issue here, he had no strategy or notion of breaking the deadlock between the progressives and the moderates. Biden has spent his whole Senate career and has yet to pass two bills. He claimed there was “no strategy, no plan, no time.”

Like those in Afghanistan, America’s leaders have no idea how to get out of this problem. According to John Bresnahan of Punchbowl News, Democrat infighting is “extremely poisonous.” He also claimed that a moderate Democrat’s staff director claimed that White House legislative affairs officials “don’t know what they’re doing.” Biden enlisted the aid of White House officials, including Susan Rice, to push the bill through.

President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser is now the White House domestic policy council director. She was the one who tried to sell a falsehood about Benghazi and was sent just as the State Department was about to blow up. It’s no surprise it didn’t work here, she always seems to get called in when things go wrong.

Even though the infrastructure vote failed severely, the White House attempted to spin it as a triumph. As Jen Psaki stated on Thursday night, “a significant amount of progress has been made this week, and they are closer to an agreement than ever before.” In a nutshell, the Biden Administration has no plan, no strategy, and a lot of fantasy spinning.