Democrats Chomping At The Bit To Fearmonger Over Omicron

As time passes, there are growing numbers of Americans who are fed up with the fearmongering from Democrats on COVID-related matters. For the sake of advancing their power and control levels, Democrats have done everything they can to make people afraid.

They did it in 2020 when they insisted upon lockdowns as a means to “slow the spread.” Democrats then kept the fearmongering going by overinflating the virus and downplaying the 99.9%+ recovery rate.

Now, as Democrats seek to impose COVID vaccine mandates, they’re trying to scare people into getting the vaccine. It is happening by various Democrat leaders saying unvaccinated folks won’t be able to work or even have access to public spaces in certain parts of the nation.

Now, as reported by RedState, the latest notch on Democrats’ agenda entails trying to make people as scared as possible of omicron, the newest strain of COVID.

From what we know about omicron so far, it is significantly less infectious and dangerous than COVID and previous strains, such as delta. Even in South Africa, individuals who have tested positive for omicron are less in need of serious medical care.

Despite this, Democrat leaders and leftists generally can’t help but try to ratchet up fear levels. Late last month, Biden implemented travel restrictions against eight African nations. He did this despite calling President Trump racist and xenophobic for enacting travel restrictions against China when COVID first started.

Meanwhile, leftists have begun stating (without a shred of evidence) that somehow, unvaccinated individuals are the culprits of the omicron variant. Ultimately, what leftists are trying to do here is use this virus as a trojan horse to con Americans into embracing shutdowns, restrictions, and the like.

Earlier this week, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis explained he would not stand for shutdowns, the closures of children’s schools, medical mandates, etc., in light of the omicron variant.

DeSantis made clear that it’s wrong to push these types of mandates on states, nations, and individuals. Furthermore, the Florida governor made an exceptional point in stating COVID is something we have to figure out how to live with.

The medical community previously claimed COVID vaccines were the key to shutting down this virus. Yet, this has been proven to be false. As Democrats continue trying to control Americans via fear, patriots must stand up and counter this at every possible turn.