Democrats Continue Failing Amid Attempts To Get Manchin’s Support For Build Back Better Act

In December 2021, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, made it clear that he wouldn’t be voting for the Build Back Better Act.

Manchin stated that the legislation’s price tag is too great to support. The West Virginia lawmaker likewise made it clear he doesn’t believe Build Back Better will positively impact the nation at large.

Ever since Democrats have been pulling out every stop to get Manchin on board with Build Back Better and ending the filibuster, Manchin’s been getting calls from the White House, Oprah Winfrey, and even former Democrat Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, Manchin has yet to bow to the demands of his party. According to RedState, the Democrat has reportedly been in recent contact with a previous adviser to President Trump.

Last week, the senator told the media he hasn’t resumed any talks about Build Back Better. When further pressed on the matter, Manchin stated he’s no longer interested in discussing the bill because he’s been more than clear about where he stands on the matter.

However, while Manchin’s conversations with the White House may have come to an end, reports indicate he’s been speaking with former Trump aide Larry Kudlow and GOP Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.

Last week, Kudlow described Manchin’s conduct as “heroic” and declared the West Virginia Democrat would agree to “kill” Build Back Better.

Since Manchin’s announcement last month, he’s been lauded by Republicans for refusing to give Democrats a critical vote that would send the Build Back Better Act to Biden’s desk to be passed into law.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell even extended to Manchin an invitation to join the Republican Party. McConnell noted that Manchin would be welcomed into the GOP and treated with much more respect than he’s currently getting from enraged, pro-Build Back Better progressives.

As Build Back Better is essentially dead in the water, Senate Democrats are trying to get Manchin to vote for a measure that would effectively nuke the filibuster. However, the West Virginia senator doesn’t seem too keen to do this either.

During talks with reporters last week, the senator stated taking down the filibuster is a “heavy lift.” Manchin has also previously come out against killing the filibuster. Polls have shown that West Virginia voters mainly support the Senate filibuster.

There is no doubt that Democrats will keep pressure on Manchin to get him to bend to their will.