Democrats Eager To Use Hurricane Ian Against DeSantis

For years on end now, the Democrat Party has been trying to use anything they can to go after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). Democrats resent DeSantis for rejecting left-wing extremism, yet still having positive things to show for it amid his leadership of Florida.

Unfortunately, even a natural disaster won’t stop Democrats from going after DeSantis. Late last month, before Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Democrats used the incoming storm to poke fun at DeSantis.

Leftists made comments about referring to the hurricane with “they/them” pronouns to irritate the governor. One reporter even tried to suggest that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) didn’t think Florida appropriately responded to the hurricane.

The list goes on and on. Though DeSantis isn’t taking this without fighting back.

Setting the Record Straight
This week, DeSantis was questioned by CNN as to why Fort Myers suffered harder hits from the hurricane than Tampa. He was also pressed about why Fort Myers didn’t evacuate until shortly before the hurricane.

DeSantis pushed back against this by pointing out the hurricane’s forecast showed that Tampa, not Fort Myers, was likely to suffer the worst impacts from the hurricane. As information changed, Florida adapted accordingly.

Various other outlets haven’t hesitated to publish various hit pieces on the Florida governor. These pieces distort DeSantis’ response to Hurricane Ian, along with misrepresenting his prior votes as a congressman on relief aid for natural disasters.

If anything, DeSantis’ critics are intentionally ignoring his response to the storm and his work with officials during and after the worst happened. The Florida governor’s been personally meeting with folks who lost their homes, preparing meals for first responders, and otherwise aiding the recovery process.

A Sad Stunt From DeSantis’ Opponent
As DeSantis runs for reelection in Florida, he’s up against Democrat Charlie Crist. Despite Crist’s best efforts, he’s likely to lose this election. Recent polls show that DeSantis is several points ahead of the Florida Democrat, in addition to enjoying a much larger war chest.

Crist, nonetheless, used the hurricane and its damaging aftermath to solicit donations from Floridians across the state. When this led to criticism against the Democratic candidate, he changed the donation link on his social media page to a link about his policies.