Democrats Eye Harris Or Newsom As Biden’s Debate Raises Concerns

In the wake of President Joe Biden’s debate performance, prominent Democrats, including MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill, are advocating for a potential change at the top of the ticket. McCaskill suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris or Gov. Gavin Newsom should be considered as the party’s leading candidate after Biden’s struggles became evident during the debate with former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s appearance, characterized by frequent pauses and stumbles, failed to reassure voters of his fitness for office. This has led to growing anxiety within the Democratic Party. McCaskill highlighted that Biden’s main task was to show he could handle the job despite his age, a goal she believes he did not achieve.

During the debate, Biden incorrectly stated that he was the first president in a decade without American casualties overseas, overlooking the deaths of 13 service members during the Afghanistan withdrawal. This and other missteps raised questions about his capability to continue in his role.

The reaction among Democrats has been swift. Former Obama adviser Van Jones expressed his disappointment on CNN, while an op-ed in the New York Times described the debate as a disaster for Biden. Andrew Yang and Nicholas Kristof have both called for Biden to step aside, suggesting that the Democratic National Convention should choose a new nominee.

Politico reported a sense of “confusion and concern” among Democratic insiders, with some calling for an open convention. The debate performance has significantly impacted perceptions of Biden’s candidacy, with many feeling that a stronger, more dynamic candidate is needed.

Attempts by media outlets to suggest that Biden’s poor performance was due to a cold have not mitigated the growing concern. As the Democratic National Convention nears, the discussion about finding a new candidate is gaining urgency.

McCaskill’s comments reflect this sentiment, as she praised Harris and Newsom for their potential to lead the ticket. She argued that Biden’s top advisers need to have a frank conversation about his ability to project the necessary strength and confidence. The push for a new candidate underscores the party’s efforts to ensure a strong showing in the upcoming election.