Democrats Go All In For Lawlessness And Criminals

At this point, the Democrat Party comprises open cheerleaders for lawbreakers and criminal activity. There is no other explanation for why Democrats repeatedly embrace policies that led to crime sprees.

When Democrats aren’t cheerleading crime, they’re downplaying it all together, even when there’s data and video evidence of these episodes. Earlier this month, Democrat lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was called out by Republicans and retail organization leaders after she downplayed the occurrences of organized, violent thefts.

These looting sprees are happening in a series of Democrat-controlled communities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc.

Yet, even despite the destruction, physical attacks, property damage, and other problems associated with these crimes, a leading Wisconsin Democrat wants to terminate cash bail, Free Beacon has documented.

Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes is running to be a state senator. As it turns out, one of his key policy positions is the elimination of cash bail altogether. When Barnes was a Wisconsin lawmaker in 2016, he drew his weight behind legislation to shut down cash bail.

Barnes didn’t even want courts to consider the nature of crimes individuals were being charged with. The bill ultimately failed to pass; nevertheless, if Barnes had gotten his way, courts in Wisconsin would have to let individuals go back on the streets before their court cases.

Republicans rightfully railed against this, noting the inherent danger of dealing a death blow to cash bail. GOP members pointed out that Barnes’ sponsored bill would have led to dangerous, violent criminals being given full reign. Meanwhile, prosecutors who sought to keep Wisconsin communities safe would have had their hands tied.

It’s pertinent to note here that the elimination of cash bail that Barnes was pushing for is very similar to the model regarding bail that California has on the books. It also explains why multiple California cities are now crawling with lawlessness.

Wisconsin is a blue state, and unfortunately, its policies reflect that. It speaks volumes that Barnes is now a frontrunner in the race to be a Wisconsin senator, despite what he tried to pill in 2016.

At this point, it appears as though most left-wing voters in these blue states have an ongoing love affair with a crime. There is no other logical reason why they would continue supporting candidates who seek to make life easier for lawbreakers and thereby more dangerous for the law-abiding.

If blue states don’t make some profound changes very soon, it really will be too late for them ever to come back.