Democrats Granted Access to Data on GOP Voters

For years on end, social media companies have been hounded for giving preferential treatment to Democrats, while shadowbanning, suspending, and banning Republicans.

Democrats like Kathy Griffin who openly make calls for violence and threaten civil war remain active on Twitter. Meanwhile, Republicans who spoke out too early about COVID-19 vaccines have found themselves dinged for spreading so-called misinformation.

On other social media platforms, conservatives continue to report various forms of censorship. Although Snapchat has just taken things to an entirely different level.

In a twist that seems all too convenient, the social media site “accidentally” allowed various left-wing organizations to access critical information about Republican voters.

What to Know About the Snapchat Leak
Advertisers working with social media platforms often have the advantage of reviewing data firm information that lets them know who’s viewing which of their ads.

In the case of Snapchat, the left-leaning TargetSmart and right-leaning i360 are both firms that allow advertisers to access data. Conveniently, an alleged error on the end of Snapchat ended up exposing data from i360 to various left-wing organizations.

These organizations include not just the Democratic National Committee, but also the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and even the gubernatorial campaign of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Of course, there have been no documented mistakes in which an error uniquely exposed left-wing data firm information to right-wing organizations.

The Explanation From Snapchat and More
In a public statement, Snapchat alleged a mistake made within the company caused the wires to get crossed, thus leaking data of GOP voters.

The social media site claimed it takes full accountability for what happened before saying measures are being put in effect to prevent any future occurrences.

Taking to social media platforms, many Americans are questioning the notion of this data leak being mistaken. Many conservatives have been clear that they believe what happened was intentional and designed to give Democrats a leg up ahead of the November midterms.

Ultimately, no matter what sort of explanation Snapchat gives, the damage is done and there’s no way to reverse the leak of this data. Americans can count on left-wing organizations using this information to their advantage, regardless of whether the leak was intentional or not.