Democrats Have Adopted a New Strategy Ahead of November

November 2022 is set to be a very good month for Republicans, but not so good for Democrats.

While the GOP has been rallying Americans, signing people up to vote, and making a case for why they should win the midterms, Democrats are doing the opposite.

Under the leadership of Joe Biden, Democrats are making Americans poorer, trying to rig elections at the federal level, and putting the harm of their policies on full display.

At this time, the Democrat Party has dug itself into a hole that there’s no escaping from before November. In light of this, the Democrats’ plan ahead of November had shifted from expanding their majority to reducing the number of seats they end up losing, according to PJ Media.

A Harsh Reality Check For the Left

The New York Times recently explained the cold reality that Democrats are facing.

According to the Times, some folks view the president as unestablished and altogether damaged. Then, there are others who say Biden moved too far to the left with various spending packages and other initiatives.

The feedback from Democratic strategists isn’t much better. Doug Sosnik has already said Democrats will face a “terrible cycle” during this year’s midterm elections.

In light of this feedback, Democrats are now giving up on previous plans they had to flip districts, win new seats, etc. Much of this is driven by the fact that Republicans are successfully targeting communities that Biden won in 2020.

On top of this, Democrats in swing states like Georgia, Arizona, etc., are more vulnerable than they’ve been before. At the end of the day, the Democrat Party is being eaten alive by all the harm that’s happened to the economy and other areas of society on Biden’s watch.

Because of this, Democrats are understanding that making massive gains in November simply isn’t realistic. Ironically, the president they rallied behind is now ensuring their political downfall.

More Bad Signs

Ahead of November, Democrats have also shifted strategies by abandoning support for outright illegal immigration.

Thus far, multiple Democrats in Congress have urged the Biden administration against letting Title 42 expire. Title 42 was put into place during the Trump presidency; it lets Border Patrol send back illegal immigrants without hearing asylum claims.

Already, the border is being overrun with illegal crossings. If Biden does go through with ending Title 42, today’s border problems will pale in comparison to what’s coming.

Democrats have suddenly come around to realize this, along with the implications it’ll have for their elections in November.