Democrats Have Rejected Any Similarity Of Commonality

The Democrat Party has done all it can to milk COVID for everything it’s worth. What started as 15 days to slow the spread morphed into “take this vaccine or join the unemployment line.” 

Democrats backed the medical establishment when it declared the COVID vaccine was the key to ending the pandemic. Yet, despite most of the nation being vaccinated, we’re still hearing about COVID cases and new variants; something doesn’t add up. 

At this point, it’s pretty plain Democrats don’t want to go back to normal. Why would they? This abnormal dystopia the left is trying to keep the nation is all about their sick power grabs. 

As the National Review rightfully confirms, Democrats reject normalcy, and it’s backfiring on them big time.

The leadership of President Biden is one of the most unmistakable signs Democrats have rejected any semblance of normalcy. Right now, the Biden administration is working to pass federal coronavirus vaccination mandates that will impact tens of millions of workers. 

Biden himself even had the stones to go on national TV and declare America’s first responders should be kicked out of their jobs if they don’t bend the knee to his illegal COVID vaccine mandates. 

However, the Federal Appeals Court recently stopped Biden’s mandate from moving ahead until further legal measures were employed. It is good news for the multiple religious groups, business organizations, and Republican leaders who are suing the Biden administration over this mandate. 

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s easy to ascertain why there’s no normalcy with Democrats. Normalcy would severely cut back the levels of power Democrats have enjoyed over the past 18 months. 

Democrats have no respect for freedom. That’s why, during Biden’s CNN town hall a few weeks ago, he openly scoffed upon hearing the word freedom, mocking Americans who want the freedom to make their own medical choices without fascist mandates. 

When Biden ran for office in 2020, he blabbered about restoring the “soul” of the United States. Yet, the only thing the president has done is repeatedly take an axe to America’s soul. 

In this battle of typical America vs. Biden, it is paramount for typical America to prevail. COVID vaccine mandates must be defeated in the court of law and disregarded by Americans altogether. 

Biden doesn’t care about the United States, neither do Democrats. These people only care about twisting America into a communist regime where freedom is merely a relic of the past.