Democrats in Blue Cities Call on Biden for Help with Illegal Aliens

Some high-profile big city Democrats are publicly asking Joe Biden to do something about the problems his open borders policies are now causing them since Texas and Arizona are sending some illegal aliens to their doorsteps.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency reported this month that more than 2 million illegal migrants have been encountered or apprehended by law enforcement officers at the southern border in fiscal year 2022 through June. That sets a new all-time record for a fiscal year.

In June alone, 207,416 people were apprehended, marking a record for the most in June of any year in history.

Democratic Mayors Eric Adams of New York City and Muriel Bowser of Washington are now demanding that Biden do something to provide their cities relief.

Adams said last Thursday that his city needs federal assistance through FEMA. He said his city has already been “dealing with a shelter population” and is now in need of help to manage an “unprecedented surge.”

Adams said that New York City has seen at least 2,800 people arrive from the southern border after being released from federal custody.

Bowser made claims that illegal immigrants have been “tricked” by border states to board buses to the capital city. She said that her “local taxpayers are not picking up the tab.” She said her city needs a “coordinated federal response,” demanding that what is done for refugees who come to other states should be done for Washington.

Blue-city mayors and the corporate media have previously been silently approving of the humanitarian and legal disaster unfolding at the southern border. Now the communities taking the brunt of the punishment have decided to share the impact with coastal neighbors who caused the problem.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott decided to start the process by sending busloads of illegal aliens released by the Biden administration in his state’s communities to Washington. The gesture was expensive, costing $6.8 million to send about 6,000 illegal migrants to D.C., but has captured the attention of Democratic mayors.

Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took issue with Adams’ claims that Arizona has been sending illegal aliens to New York City. He said that Adams “needs to get his facts straight.” He said that Arizona is providing “voluntary transportation for asylum seekers only to Washington.”

Ducey said that President Biden “created the crisis at the border” and has failed to respond to calls for action or to even visit the border. The governor said that as a result, Arizona is “bringing the issue a little closer to home for him.”