Democrats In Disarray Amid Higher Thanksgiving Prices

Many Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving. People traveled at levels that rival 2019 Thanksgiving travel to spend time with the people they love. While this is good news and shows the medical establishment’s fear campaign is failing, there are still other concerning factors.

For instance, Americans who drove across the country had no choice but to dole out more dollars for gas. It’s a well-known fact that gas prices are increasingly higher due to Joe Biden’s attempts to destroy the energy sector.

However, it’s not just about gas. The costs for Thanksgiving are higher than they’ve been in years. For instance, the cost for a turkey is 24% from what it was in 2020. Cranberries are 11% more expensive, with the prices of pie crusts, sweet potatoes, and more being higher.

Red State now reports that Biden and other leftists are trying and failing to spin the reality of these higher prices.

The dishonesty of the Biden administration is astounding. They are working to con Americans into not believing what’s clearly before their very eyes. The White House attempted to pull this off with gas prices, and now they’re employing the same strategy for higher Thanksgiving prices.

This week, Jen Psaki, the Biden administration’s press secretary, was asked about the messaging of Biden jetting off to Nantucket to dine at a billionaire’s residence while Americans are struggling with higher prices.

To this end, the press secretary replied by falsely claiming Thanksgiving turkeys are currently only $1.00 more expensive than they were back in 2020. After claiming Biden is concerned about any increase in prices, Psaki stated the White House has been working on ensuring Americans have more outstanding sums of money for themselves and their families.

Now, that’s a lie.

Psaki’s explanation was riddled with lies and the attempt to redirect the reality that higher prices are crushing Americans, especially amid the holiday season.

If the Biden administration were concerned about Americans having more money to support themselves, they wouldn’t be pushing spending bills to increase taxes. Taxes inherently take more money from Americans.

Also, contrary to what the White House wants the country to believe, if the Build Back Better Act passes through Congress, wealthy Americans will get tax breaks. Meanwhile, middle-class Americans will be paying higher taxes. It has already been confirmed by a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office.

It is time for this White House to stop lying to Americans about the reality of what’s happening in this country.