Democrats Melt Down Amid Sen. Manchin’s Rejection Of Build Back Better

This week has not gotten off to an excellent start for Democrats. On Sunday, Joe Manchin announced his decision not to support the Build Back Better Act. The West Virginia Democrat senator stated that he couldn’t get on board with the legislation, despite employing every “humanly possible” method.

During a conversation with Fox News Sunday, Manchin explained why he could not support Joe Biden’s prized bill. The reasons ultimately boil down to inflation, COVID, Americans’ concerns regarding economic matters, etc.

In making this decision, Manchin saved Americans from getting hit with disastrous legislation. However, as reported by Twitchy, Democrats are outraged and are coming out in full force against Manchin.

House Democrat Ilhan Omar was one of the most vocal critics of Manchin. The individual who said “some people did something” about 9/11 stated that Manchin’s reasons for not supporting Build Back Better were nothing more than “bull****.”

She also opines that Manchin’s constituents in West Virginia could directly benefit from Build Back Better. However, it’s strange that Omar came to this conclusion. If Build Back Better were to pass, people in West Virginia and America’s 49 additional states would suffer at the hands of worsening inflation.

Omar is far from the only one who had a meltdown after Manchin revealed he’s joining the 50 Senate Republicans in voting against Build Back Better. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and countless other Democrats blasted the West Virginia senator.

Even the White House had a breakdown after learning that they would not be getting Manchin’s key vote in an evenly divided US Senate. The White House accused the West Virginia Democrat of being disloyal and going back on an alleged promise to vote for Build Back Better.

Amid the backlash that promptly ensued on Sunday, Manchin professed that he’s from West Virginia, which is not a place where Democrats can beat people into submission. Furthermore, since Monday, there are reports that the West Virginia Democrat may consider becoming an Independent after the White House’s response to his decision to vote against Build Back Better.

However, Manchin himself has not made any public statements to confirm or deny these claims. Nevertheless, the Democrat Party remains in a wreck after discovering that Build Back Better is essentially dead in the water.

Furthermore, this news arrives as Democrats are projected to lose the midterm elections in 2022, possibly by a landslide. Quite frankly, the downfall of Build Back Better could be the beginning of the end for Democrats.